eBay Selling Advice

eBay Selling Advice. Making money selling on eBay requires excellent pictures. How to take the best photographs that will attract bids.

Show large pictures

eBay buyers love to see pictures. They want to see exactly what they are buying from you. The larger the picture, the better. You will attract bids by allowing buyers to closely inspect your item.

One way to upload large pictures is to use eBay’s supersizing feature, which costs you $0.75 extra. A better alternative would be to find upload your images on another server. This way, your images will also load faster and you can have them as small or as large as you want.

How to take good photos

eBay Selling Advice: Good photos are essential for success on eBay. Here are some tricks that will make your photos look much better right away.

Use Macro for Close-ups

Macro mode is essential for any shot where the camera is less than 30 inches away from the subject.

Use White Cardboard and a Bounce Card

A white background is the best way to highlight your item. The image looks clean and professional. Instead of using direct sunlight, use a bounce card to reflect sunlight onto your product. This centers your item in the white background and floods it with light, so there would be almost no shadow in your photograph.

Digital Camera vs Scanner

They each serve different purposes. Use the scanner for photos of flat items – postcards, magazines, books. For any other item, a digital camera is much better, as you want to give dimension to your product. Good stock photos show as much of the product as possible.

Get a tripod

Even if you think you have steady hands, get a tripod. Your images will be even clearer and appear even more professional.

Specific advice for those learning how to sell jewelry online: make sure you get a stand for necklaces and pendants, and a model hand for rings. A professional image is essential when you are selling jewelry online.

eBay Selling Advice: How to Write your Titles

First thing you should know is that there is a 55 character limit to your titles. Here are a few guidelines on how to write the best titles:

  1. Brainstorm all related keywords – Think in terms of a buyer and think of all the possible words that a buyer might use to find your product.
  2. Research your competitors’ keywords – Look for similar items and notice the keywords that your competitors are using in their titles. If the competing listing is from a PowerSeller, you can roughly infer that the keywords he or she has used are probably the most common ones.
  3. Include both numerals and the word spellings – Instead of just “size 10 sports shoes”, say “size ten 10 New Balance sports shoes”. This captures both searches.
  4. Use acronyms – here are some of the most common ones:
    • MIB (Mint in box)
    • NBW (Never been worn)
    • NIB (New in box)
    • NM (Near mint)
    • NWOT (New without tags)
    • NC (No Cover)
    • OOP (Out of print)
    • PB (Paperback)
    • VHTF (Very Hard to Find)
    • OOAK (One of a kind).
  5. Include common misspellings – this helps broaden your exposure even a little more. Instead of ‘Canon Scanner’, write ‘Canon/Cannon Scanner’.

eBay Selling Advice: How to write Descriptions

In order to sell well on eBay, you must write good descriptions. Here is a checklist:

  • Reveal as many details as possible – the color, dimensions, name of manufacturer. If the item has been used, share some information about how it was used in the past. For collectibles, add a line or two about the history of the item and why makes a good addition to an existing collection.
  • Be completely honest – if the digital camera is broken, mention it. State everything up front, though you can emphasize the positive features. The last thing you want is a negative feedback rating from a furious buyer. Protect your eBay reputation carefully.
  • Use photos that sell – more on that here: Make Easy Money on eBay with great photos.

Create hype with the right words

eBay Selling Advice: Here is a list of the words most commonly used to create buzz on eBay: New (from Korea!), Rare, Hot, Top, Mint, Vintage, Quality, Designer, Collectible, Limited Edition, Discount, Value, Wholesale.

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