Modern Advertising Methods

Modern Advertising Methods. Which are the most effective methods of advertising for different ad campaigns?

Advantages and Disadvantages of different media

Dupont’s analysis sheds much insight into the advantages and disadvantages of different advertising media:

Television Advertising Methods

A multi-sensory ‘prestige’ media, television is the best media for product testimonials. It is also a good choice for changing the way people think or feel about a product.

Daily newspapers

Daily newspaper readers are better informed and have above average incomes. Newspapers also give you an opportunity to fully describe your product’s features. Newspapers also give you ample space to post comparative ads, where you can provide technical information that readers can scrutinize slowly.

Weekly publications

Weekly publications provide targeted geographic coverage, are flexible and ideal for small businesses.

Radio Advertising Methods

Radio is ideal for creating a sense of intimacy. It is an intimate and personal media that allows you to reach a clearly-defined target audience and produce a nearly immediate impact. Thus, radio campaigns are most suited for campaigns based on dreams and the imagination (dreams of wealth, dreams of perfect health, dreams of the perfect weight, and so on)

Billboard Advertising Methods

Billboards provide a permanent exhibition of your product in a wide variety of formats for a range of different targets. A billboard is a ‘pure’ media that reaches out to a mobile audience.


Magazines are ideal for conveying a sense of beauty and elegance. They communicate with a high-quality leadership, and allow you to develop a brand image.

Internet Advertising Methods

The internet is an interactive media, and allows advertisers to keep an accurate count of site traffic. It reaches out to a young and well-informed audience, and offers high potential for modern advertising methods.

Some of the most popular internet advertising methods include Google Adwords, TextLinkAds, sponsored reviews, banner advertising, blog advertising, newsletters, email campaigns.

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