How to Generate Leads

How to generate leads? Successful real estate prospecting requires discipline, determination and a little patience. Here are some of the most effective real estate lead generation tactics.

Real Estate Prospecting

Foreclosure listings

Identify delinquents through services that track default filings, or find notices in the local newspaper – offer to help sell the homeowner’s home.

Expired listings

Research the Multiple Listing Service regularly. Look for listings that are about to expire, then arrange to visit the seller when it expires (call or email).

Give things away

Give prospective clients coupon books that offer free consultation services on a real estate topic of choice, and give extra, so these prospective clients can then give the extras away to friends or family.

Take up a new hobby

This is a way not just to generate more leads, but also to meet more people.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Effective direct mail campaigns draw a 0.5 percent to 1 percent response on average. How do you make your direct mail campaigns even more effective?

Bold Headlines

This headline should cover at least 15 percent of the front of the mailer – and contain a clear message expressed in a few words.

Easy to Understand Supporting Picture

Include an easy to understand picture that supports your headline message.

Use subheads to lead in to the text

Subheads are a great way to section off parts of the sales copy so that it is much easier to read.

State benefits rather than features

Understand the difference: people are interested in the basic question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Articulate the features in a way that shows the benefits to them directly.

Create a sense of urgency: Time-sensitive call to action

Get prospects to call by a certain date to enjoy special prices or to receive certain freebies. Create a sense of urgency.

Sources of Mailing Lists

Where do you find the sources that you can mail to?

Employer Staff Lists

Go to large companies or professional groups and request to purchase the staff roster, thus allowing you to gain access to a many professionals all at one go.

Universities and colleges

Universities and colleges usually have lists of alumni in various geographical areas – request for these lists if possible.

Nonprofit organizations to which you belong

Request for the membership roster, if possible.

How to Generate Leads

Here are even more real estate lead generation tips from the National Real Estate Association:

  1. Smile when you pick up the phone – the simple act of smiling subtly changes your voice and manner, and makes you more approachable.
  2. Offer free five-minute appointments in return for tips on how to increase their home’s value.
  3. At a fast-food drive-through, pay for coffee for the car behind you. Ask the clerk to pass your business card to the driver – you’ll never know!

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