Habits of Successful People

Habits of successful people and habits of effective people. Emulate them and pick up powerful habits for success.

Wealth Habits

Habits for success are therefore modes of action or ways to responding to certain circumstances that move you toward success. In the Richest Man of Babylon, the author writes about the importance of developing the habit of saving: a portion of all I earn is mine to keep. Once you have developed the excellent financial habit of saving a portion of your income, you are already way ahead of most people you see around you.

Health Habits

You probably know the most common health habits: exercise regularly, drink lots of water, sleep early and sleep at least 7 hours each day. Unlike the sometimes more elusive wealth habits, health habits are widely understood. But why do so few people practice them?

Habits of Effective People

What is the one common characteristic shared by all the habits of effective people? No exceptions! The other trait of successful people is that once they have decided on the habit they wish to acquire, they adopt a strict no exceptions policy. They allow no excuses and will go at length to make sure that they do not make break their habits at all.

Think about the last time you started a gym routine or a weight loss diet. How long did you sustain it before you went back to your old habits? What happens almost 99% of the time is that you start enthusiastically, then excuse yourself one day because of this or that. Once you allow one exception, you are much more likely to think of even more excuses the next time, and eventually procrastinate until you lose that habit entirely.

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