How to Shave for Men

How to shave for men. How to shave your face so it shines painlessly.

How to Shave your Face

What you need: a cleanser, shaving cream, aftershave / refreshing lotion, moisturizer.

Cleanse your Face

First, cleanse your face so as to remove dirt and other impurities. This softens your skin for shaving. Cleansing is especially important for men, as our skins tend have larger pores that can easily become clogged by oil and dirt. Excess oil or sebum will attract bacteria, leading to acne.


To allow for a close, comfortable shave, you need formulations that generate a very rich lather. Mousse formations are among the most popular, as they are consistent and cost-effective. Your razor needs to be able to glide over the surface your face smoothly, cutting the facial hairs without damaging the skin cells.

Some men swear by electronic razors, but try to opt for a wet shave instead of an electric razor, as electric razors tend to be harsh on sensitive skin. Also, try formulations enhanced with conditioners. They will leave your skin feeling very smooth afterwards.

Cool and refresh the face

Pour refreshing or aftershave lotion onto a cotton wool pad, and smooth it gently over your face. Make sure you do so with outward movements. Do not drag the skin downwards. Some men may skip this step, but it helps get rid of possibly remaining skin irritants: excess surface oil and traces of shaving cream of mousse.

How to choose the best aftershave lotion: avoid lotions that contain alcohol or perfume, as these will dry your skin. Your refreshing lotion should by definition leave your face cool and refreshed. It should not ‘sting’ or make your face feel itchy.

Moisturize your Face

How to shave for men? Dry skin causes your skin to lose its elasticity and creates wrinkles. Note that oily skin can still lack moisture underneath. Thus, a good choice would be light, non-greasy moisturizer which can be “absorbed quickly to deliver moisture where it is needed without leaving a sticky ‘after-feel’ on the skin’s surface”, as Spenser recommends.

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