Fashion Tips for Teens

Hot Fashion Tips for Teens. The best teenage fashion tips adapted from an excellent book by Carson Kressley. Follow these fashion commandments and you will always look good.

Ten Fashion Commandments according to Carson Kressley

Teen Fashion Tip 1

Fads are fads. There is always something weird that looks ‘trendy’ at the moment. But what looks cool now might not look cool in 2 months. The best guide is what looks good on you. Don’t try to look like a fool dressing like someone else.

Teen Fashion Tip 2

The devil is in the details. Finishing touches like a special belt or earring will add that ring of attractiveness.

Teen Fashion Tip 3

The simpler the better.

Teen Fashion Tip 4

Toss out any garment with more than 25 percent material that is unnatural.

Teen Fashion Tip 5

Experiment! There is nothing to lose. Get feedback, and keep improving. Sometimes you will never know what looks good on you until you try.

Teen Fashion Tip 6

Bring a fashionable friend shopping with you. Never go shopping alone. That is a sin.

Teen Fashion Tip 7

Repeat: the simpler the better. Looking like a 18th century empress is sure to put you in the category of socially maladjusted snobs.

Teen Fashion Tip 8

No neon green.

Teen Fashion Tip 9

Catch your spending. Go to discount stores to find clothes that are inexpensive but that still look good. You want to create the ‘natural’, not the ‘manufactured’ look.

Teen Fashion Tip 10

Cashmere is almost always a good bet. And a good investment (one of the few exceptions to rule #9 above.

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