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Stay away from Adsense-ready sites

Looking for a ready-made Adsense website? Turnkey/Adsense-ready sites look like a good deal: entire sites built on niche topics – just upload them to a server and start counting your cash! Sounds too good to be true? Exactly. Do not waste your money buying packages of Turnkey websites or Adsense-ready sites, for search engines hate duplicate content! If Google discovers two pages with similar content, the duplicate page will either rank extremely poorly, or not get indexed at all.

Those who buy Adsense-ready packages are locked in a race to the bottom: the more of these packages sold, the more duplicate content will appear on the web, the more these helpless buyers are left sitting on useless websites! Eventually, as Google’s algorithms evolve, these duplicate sites will be ruthlessly dropped from search engines – entirely.

Put simply: the only way to make money with Adsense is to build your own site, with original content. Sounds like hard work, but imagine how much easier your job would be if the actual writing was all you need to think about? Making money with Adsense would be a breeze if a tool could help you source for the top paying google adsense keywords, generate keyword ideas, search engine optimize your page, devise traffic building strategies… That’s where Site Build It! comes in.

The only Adsense website builder you need: Site Build It!

Site Build It! is the only Adsense site builder out there that requires absolutely no prior experience (you’re fine as long as you know enough to surf the internet). Their comprehensive 10-day Action Guide hand-holds you throughout the way. I have also found the SBI forums immensely helpful. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced SBI webmaster or a complete novice, you will benefit greatly from this helpful community of fiercely loyal SBI webmasters.

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