Bill Gates Scholarship Program: Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship

Bill Gates Scholarship? Bill Gates has set up a large scholarship fund – the Gates Millennium Scholars program – since 1999. There have been more than 10,000 Gates Scholars to date, who represent all 50 states and have been enrolled in colleges and universities internationally. The United Negro College Fund administers the Gates Millennium Scholars program, in collaboration with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the American Indian Graduate Center Scholars and the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund.

The Gates Scholarship Program reflects a much larger initiative undertaken by Bill Gates and Melinda French. Nominated as the 2005 Times Persons of the Year (along with Bono), the couple’s Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged more than 7.1 billion in grants since 1994. The United Negro College Fund has received the largest grant to date – of 1 billion dollars. Average grants amount to almost $900,000.

Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship: Undergraduate to Doctorate

The scholarship supports students from undergraduate study all the way through doctorate programs, and has an almost 80% graduation rate in 5 years. Scholarships are renewable each year, pending satisfactory academic progress.

Despite the many benefits, a limitation of the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship at present is that it only extends to US citizens and Permanent Residents – international students thus do not stand to benefit.

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