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Google Adwords Tips. How to make money with Google Adwords.

Tips for Adwords Success. Free Google Adwords Guide on how to best take use Google Adwords to make money for your website and web business. Sometime misspelled as: Google Adword Tips.

Google Adwords Tips: How to write Ads with High Clickthrough Rates

After much personal experimentation, here is the best way to write ads with high clickthrough rates.

  1. Headline: Contain your keywords as it is. Searchers are much more likely to click on your ad if they see the keyword they were searching for in the headline
  2. 1st Description Line: State a benefit, such as ‘Make money now with Google Adwords’ – People are most interested in ‘What’s in it for me?’ State this upfront and they will want to click on your ad
  3. 2nd Description Line: State a feature or offer, such as ‘Limited $19 eBook Offer’
  4. Display URL: Your display URL should also contain a portion of your keyword

Adwords Tips: Find out how many competitors you have

To find out how many competitors you have, simply run a Google search for a keyword. Set your Google preferences to at least 100 results per page. The number of sponsored links that appears is the number of competitors you have for this particular keyword. Generally, if there are more than 50 competitors bidding on the same keyword, the market is extremely competitive. The good news is that a lot of money is probably up for taking in the market as well.

Adwords Tips: Experiment with phrase matches and exact matches

Phrase matches and exact matches can be much better ways to focus your clickthrough rates. For example, a search for “Chinese books” will automatically exclude searches such as ‘Chinese comics books’, and a search for [Chinese books] will automatically exclude searches such as ‘free Chinese books’. The former is the phrase match search, which searches for that exact phrase but allows other keywords before and after the phrase. The latter is the exact match search, which only matches with that exact phrase, with nothing before or after.

But as with everything, experiment with all three match types first. The winning match type can vary significantly among different keywords.

Google Adwords Tips: Use the URL well

Your display domain is another powerful way to increase your ad clickthrough rate. Go on and register a URL with your exact keywords. The more similar your URL is to the headline, the better. Searches will more likely see your ad as relevant and therefore click on it.

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