Curing Bad Habits

Curing bad habits and breaking the habits. Forming habits, what is a habit and how to change bad habits.

We are all creatures of habit, whether consciously or subconsciously. Almost 90 percent of human behavior is controlled by habits. You probably do the same thing every morning before going to work and every evening after you come back from work.

Breaking the Habits

Many of the teachers of The Secret have spoken about the power of thinking and feeling your goals into being. Forming the right habits is one of the most powerful ways to do exactly that. If you acquire the same habits used by the world’s millionaires and billionaires, you can be well assured that you yourself will soon be a millionaire or billionaire yourself. It is a common adage that successful people have successful habits. To become successful, drop your old habits and adopt these success habits!

What is a Habit

Let me clarify what this word actually means for you. A habit is a particular mode of action or way of responding to something repeatedly so frequently that it becomes almost automatic. Through frequent repetition, this behavior becomes second nature.

Forming Habits

You do not need to overwhelm yourself by trying to adopt too many success habits at one go. Simply focus on one success habit a month, and make sure you adopt the no exceptions policy.

How to change bad habits

Within a year, you will have acquired twelve success habits; this will put you far ahead of your peers and bring you much closer to everything you desire: wealth, health, fulfilling relationships, happiness.

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