Why do we need Sleep

Why do we need sleep. What is sleep important for your personal and financial success.

Why is Sleep Important

In a study by William Dement on how and when students learn best, he concluded that sleep debt is the most important factor in determining the quality or excellence of psychological and cognitive function.

As he notes:

When students are sleeping sufficiently, they are alert, interested, ready to soak up knowledge. Among my students who learn to recognize how much sleep debt they have and work to reduce it, the most consistent and excited response is amazement that they no longer fall asleep or get sleepy in class. They can even be wide awake and interested in classes that take place immediately after lunch every day.

An interesting example of a student who had went through his classes:

One student habitually dreaded a 1.20 p.m. class taught by a ‘very dull’ professor. The student would either fall asleep or spend the entire class struggling to stay awake, not really hearing anything and certainly remembering nothing. After a week or two of sleeping eight hours a night, she had no difficulty at all in remaining alert and attentive in class. Strangely, she found that the professor had become ‘much more interesting’.

Why do we need sleep

Alertness is the single most important factor in cognitive and psychological function. Sleep revitalizes your body and promotes growth and healing. There is no substitute for sleep: caffeine or drugs are only temporary boosters that seem to mask the accumulating sleep debt. When their effects wear off, the body will be hit with extreme tiredness and lethargy.

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