Donald Trump Fired Clip

Donald Trump You’re Fired Clip

The Donald Trump Fired Clip is one of Donald Trump’s most famous clips. In 2003, Trump produced and hosted The Apprentice, a NBC reality show that attracted recent college graduates and many other young Americans. The group of contestants competed for a high level management job in one of Trump’s properties.

Contestants were then gradually fired and eliminated from the reality show. The catchphrase ‘You’re Fired!’ became so popular that Trump filed a trademark application for it.

The Apprentice was a powerful source of passive income for Donald Trump. In the first year of the show, he earned $50,000 for each episode, totalling $700,000 for the first season. As the show became increasingly popular, Trump eventually earned more than $3,000,000 per episode.

Filming The Apprentice also increased his fame, and allowed him to write several books based on the show. A great example of how to generate more sources of passive income from an initial source. More on Donald Trump Books.

The following is a video clip of Donald Trump saying his catchphrase with his trademark frown:

Donald Trump. You’re FIRED clip

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