Gorilla Marketing Strategy

Gorilla Marketing Strategy / Guerilla Marketing Strategy. What is guerilla marketing / What is gorilla marketing? Developed by Jay Levinson, guerilla marketing is a powerful form of marketing that takes advantage of the power of the internet.

(Guerilla Marketing is sometimes also spelled as guerrilla marketing or gorilla marketing.)

What is Guerilla Marketing (Gorilla Marketing)

Guerrilla marketing (Gorilla Marketing) is a form of marketing ideal for home businesses. Do you have a limited advertising budget? Traditional marketing is so expensive that it is out of reach to most small businesses; guerrilla marketing is affordable and definitely within reach of home business owners.

Guerilla Marketing / Gorilla Marketing

Here are some of the most important ways in which guerilla marketing differs from traditional marketing:

Marketing Strategy: Low cost, Broad outreach

To most people, marketing would mean needing money to make money. Reaching out to a lot of money might mean having to splurge on expensive advertising campaigns. Thankfully, with the power of the Internet, that is no longer the case.

Marketing Strategy: Follow-up to generate repeat customers

Guerrilla marketing (gorilla marketing) also emphasizes follow-up. In traditional marketing, little effort is made to nurture profitable long-term relationships with customers. Guerrilla marketing (gorilla marketing) makes this possible through email. By offering free, helpful information via email, your customers will be keen to keep in touch with you. These are happy, presold customers who will be more than willing to buy from you when you launch your next web promotion.

Marketing Strategy: Free Reports, Free EBooks

Viral marketing focuses on giving away free information. Create valuable information that visitors to your site will be thrilled to have for free. Encourage your visitors to send the report to as many friends as possible. In exchange, ask each visitor to leave his or her name and email so your auto-responder can send out the free report or ebook immediately. This builds your opt-in email list.

To make the guerrilla marketing (gorilla marketing) process even more powerful, insert affiliate links or links to your website within the free report or e-book.

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