Meaning of Color Red

Meaning of Color Red. What is the meaning of the color red? What do red roses mean? What does red symbolize and represent?

Meaning of the Color Red

Red is a powerful color that symbolizes many things. Energy, love, passion, sensuality, desire; war, strength, power, determination. It is at once the color of blood and the color of fire.

It is the most violent and the most dynamic, with the greatest potential for action. It is no coincidence that red is often used in advertising. Red and white packaging can sell almost any product. Red has high visibility, and stimulates others to act quickly. Notice that website tend to be red – ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Order Now’ buttons, for example. The same applies for traffic signs – ‘Stop’ signs are invariably red.

Red expresses the joy of conquest and of revolution. Interestingly, it is the most common color found on national flags.

Meaning of Chinese Color Red

What is the meaning of the Chinese color red and other tones of red? Chinese color red signifies activity, strength, movement, passionate desire.

In contrast, deep red is seen as powerful, traditional and rich. It is associated with vigor, willpower and courage.

Burgundy red is seen as luxurious and elegant; cherry red is seen as sensual.

At the other end, light red represents sexuality, sensitivity, love, buoyancy, energy, joy, triumph.

Meaning of the Color Purple

Rarely used in advertising, as Dupont notes, purple is associated with something morbid and sad. The usual exceptions are when it is used to create a sense of royalty.

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