Steve Jobs Apple

Steven Jobs Apple

Steve Jobs Apple. How Steve Jobs founded Apple, then resigned and left, then returned and became Apple CEO and Chairman.

One of the classes that influenced Jobs the most and that helped him develop Mac’s emphasis on aesthetics is the calligraphy instruction he received at Reed. He learnt about multiple typefaces, proportionally spaced fonts and later incorporated this into his Mac design.

Did Steve Jobs leave?

Originally the President of Pepsi-Cola, John Sculley was lured away by Steve Jobs to Apple; Steve Jobs famously asked, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?”

John Sculley then became the CEO at Apple, and was hired mainly for his expertise in marketing.

After a split between Steve Jobs and John Sculley as sales dipped at the end of 1984, John Sculley relieved Steve Jobs of his duties as Head of Macintosh.

Steven Jobs: Apple wants him back

Steve Jobs returned to Apple when Apple announced that it will purchase NeXT, the company Steve founded after leaving Apple, for $429 million. Steve Jobs became the interim CEO as the Board of Directors lost confidence in Apple’s string of past CEOs.

Under Steven Jobs, Apple grew significantly, and branched into other digital appliances – iPod, iTunes, iPhone. Many investors regined confidence in Apple under his lead.

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