Affiliate Marketing with Google Adwords

Affiliate Marketing with Google Adwords. How to make money through Google Adwords affiliate marketing.

Turn that click into a long-term relationship

Here’s the single most important secret to affiliate marketing with Google Adwords. You need some way to convert that one expensive click into a long-term relationship. The best way is to offer a free report, or any other type of free download.

In order to receive the free report, your site visitor will have to enter his or her first name and email on your simple email opt-in page.

This is a most powerful way to start building your email list. Each email you have on this list becomes a long-term prospect you can send email after email to. Email marketing works when the visitor has opted in to your email on his own accord; he will therefore be much more receptive to whatever you have to say.

With complicated sales campaigns, email marketing is your best bet. It is much more difficult to try to sell a product on the first try. If the visitor presses the back button after reading your sales message, that sales prospect is lost forever. But if you have the visitor on your email list, you can send a variety of sales messages over and over again, each time inching one step closer to your sale.

But you must be relevant

If your free report was on how to make money on eBay, don’t start sending emails about hair loss. Irrelevant emails will simply lead your subscribers to unsubscribe right away. You must build credibility in each of your email lists so that you build a profitable long-term relationship with your customers.

If you want to offer different products and services that are not exactly closely related, the best approach is to set up sub-lists, so you can target different audiences depending on exactly what their needs are.

On the other hand, once you determine what your customer’s needs are and you focus on meeting those needs, your money will roll in faster than you thought possible. Hit your customer’s sweet spot, and that satisfied customer will spread the word through word of mouth. And there will be more and more of them. Affiliate Marketing with Google Adwords works.

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