Best Advertising Campaigns

Best Advertising Campaigns. What separates the best advertising campaigns from the not so good ones?

As Dupont suggests, there are four keys to a strong advertising campaign. In the planning stage, here are the most important factors you need to consider and be absolutely clear about.


Ad campaigns would have no point if there is no clearly defined objective in the first place. Define a clear goal so you can then craft a plan around it. Common objectives of the most successful ad campaigns include shaping a new character for your product, getting customers to try out the product, boosting your popularity, changing a common perception of your product, reducing competition, finding new prospective users, and more.


Be absolutely clear as to the strengths and weaknesses of your product. What is your company’s reputation and what do people currently feel about your product?

At the same time, gather as much information as possible about your competitors. Do a strong competitive analysis and again note the areas in which you have an edge over your competitors, and the areas in which your competitors are stronger. Find out also about their advertising strategy: what media do they advertise in, when do they advertise, roughly how much are they shelling out?


Advertising is always based on the promise of satisfaction; advertisements must respond to a need or to a desire, and focus on the right motivation.

Example of one of the best ad campaigns: Kit Kat’s ‘Take a Break’ promise was an extremely effective sales pitch that has generated the company several hundred millions in sales.

Another example of an excellent ad campaign: KFC’s ‘Finger-lickin’ good’ – all these unique propositions convey a clear message to the customer, and helps ensure a high rate of success.

Target Audience

Successful advertising campaigns must begin with a clear understanding of your target audience. For whom are your ads intended? What are their most pressing concerns? What are their likes and dislikes?

Advertising specialists usually focus their target audience by dividing customers according to age and sex. Note also that each type of audience has different media consumption habits. While the younger generation relies heavily on TV and the Internet – or indeed, several forms of media at the same time – the older generation relies more on traditional media.

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