Blue Color Meaning

Blue Color Meaning. What is the meaning of the color blue? What does it symbolize?

Meaning of the Color Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and of the sea. It is associated with depth and stability, and the ideas of wonder, freedom and dreams. It symbolizes wisdom, confidence, intelligence, trust, loyalty, faith and truth.

Calm, relaxing and transparent, blue inspires a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Blue slows the human metabolism and creates an atmosphere of tranquility. Blue brings beneficial effects to the mind and body.

Pale blue evokes a sense of freshness, while darker blue evokes a sense of coolness; blue-green is the coldest color.

Meaning of Blue in Advertisements

In the world of advertising, blue is closely linked to cleanliness. Detergents, soaps and other cleaning liquids tend to be packaged in blue; the same applies for mineral water bottles and other containers. Airports with a blue architectural design convey an impeccable sense of class.

High tech industries also use blue to emphasize the technical excellence and precision of their products.

Blue is a very popular color among males, as it is very masculine color. Top executives choose blue for its associations with depth, stability and expertise.

Meaning of Hues of Blue

Different hues of blue also carry different meanings. Light blue symbolizes tranquility, healing, peace and health; dark blue symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, seriousness, power, integrity.

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