Taking Inspired Action

Taking Inspired Action. Anatomy of an inspired action. What are inspired actions and how to act on inspired thoughts.

Anatomy of an Inspired Action

The key to taking inspired action, a powerful concept I first learnt from Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale, is to distinguish between your ego (conscious mind) and your subconscious. Recognize that your ego is limited in its perceptive field. In contrast, your subconscious sees a much broader picture. Your subconscious connects to the universe and sends you signals or hunches every now and then.

Do not limit yourself to what your ego tells you. Do not use your limited conscious mind to think about ‘how’ your desire will manifest. You ego acts from a much smaller frame of reference than your subconscious; your subconscious draws from the infinite intelligence and finds the shortcuts to helping you achieve what you want. To manifest any big goal, you must be willing to trust your intuitive mind and act on any intuitive impulses your subconscious gives you.

Jack Canfield’s Inspired Action

Follow your hunches. Jack Canfield’s first goal was to manifest a hundred thousand dollars. He released this intention to the universe, and let go. Nothing happened for the first few months. Then, one day while in the shower, he suddenly had an inspired thought, ‘If I sell 400,000 copies of my book at a quarter each, that would be a hundred thousand dollars!’.

He trusted that thought and acted on it. He began focusing his attention on how he could sell 400,000 copies of his book. For Jack, this led him to take notice of the National Enquirer magazines he had seen at the grocery stores every day. He launched another intention, ‘If they just knew about my book, certainly 400,000 people would go out and buy it.’

And with that second inspired thought, the universe drew people, circumstances and events to him. After giving a talk to a group of teachers in New York, Jack was approached and interviewed by a freelancer who wrote for the National Enquirer. He ended up making $92327 that year.

Joe Vitale’s Inspired Action

Joe Vitale took inspired action when he realized that the street sign ‘Quitman’ he walked passed every day was sending him a subtle signal all along. He was on a nine-to-five job and he hated every minute of it. One day, he realized that the sign actually meant ‘Quit, man.’ He followed that hunch, quit his day job, and now leads a wonderful life as an international speaker, author and celebrated copywriter.

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