Free Breathing Exercises

Free Breathing Exercises. Powerful breathing and relaxation exercises that you can do right now to improve your breathing.

Breathe smoothly, deeply and evenly, with a steady, natural rhythm. Oxygen is critical for your bodily function. The transfer of oxygen from air to blood leads to the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is literally the currency of life.

Breathing and Relaxation Exercises 1

Deep Breathing Exercises

  1. Do not force the breath – Allow the breath to come in naturally and feel the sensation. Does the air feel warm or cool?
  2. Open up your chest – On the inhalation, relax your shoulders, straighten your back and allow the air to open your chest fully
  3. Visualize – Vividly imagine yourself drawing in vitality and strength as you breathe in. Imagine drawing the air into every cell of your body, and imagine new light filling every corner of your mind
  4. Let it go – as you exhale, release every bit of tension from your thoughts and muscles

Breathing and Relaxation Exercises 2

Observe your breath

The secret to deep breathing exercises is this: Most of us unknowingly halt our breaths for a few seconds when we are stressed. This interruption creates a spiraling downward effect as you lose control and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Breathing and Relaxation Exercises 3

Release tension

In this free breathing exercise, we will correct your posture while deepening your breathe. Good posture is crucial to good breathing.

  1. Keep your posture buoyant and upright; imagine a hook gently lifting your whole spinal column from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.
  2. On your next inhale, lift your chest so it feels open, as if it were floating upward.
  3. Extend your shoulders to their full extent so they feel broad and loose.

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