Meaning of the Color Green

Meaning of the Color Green. What does green mean? What does green symbolize?

Meaning of Color Green

The color of nature, green invites a sense of calm and restfulness. It is a symbol of good health, fertility, growth, freshness and harmony.

Associated with ecological values and with the environment, green is the color of healing. Notice how looking at green objects in the distance helps relax your eyes quickly.

Green Color Meaning

Green is also the color of hope. Interestingly, suicide rates at the once black Blackfriar’s Bridge in London has been cut by one third since it was painted green.

Food products packaged in green are usually seen as less fatty and with fewer calories. This color is widely used to package frozen foods.

Dark Green Meaning

On the other hand, darker green is usually associated with money, banking and the financial world. This relates closely to the American banking and financial system. The Treasury Department prints and circulates ‘Greenbacks’, the American notes first authorized by the Legal Tender Act of 1862.

Consequently, dark green also carries connotations of ambition and greed.

Olive Green and Aqua Meaning

Aqua is commonly associated with healing, recovery and protection, while olive green is the traditional color of peace. Derived from the customs on ancient Greece, the olive branch symbolizes peace and goodwill in Western culture. The Great Seal of the United States features an eagle grasping an olive branch containing thirteen olives and leaves with its right talon, while the seal of the United Nations also features an olive branch.

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