Top Annuities

Top Annuities. Here are the best annuities to invest in. Ignore the noise: Most of the other annuities do not make financial sense.

Best Annuities: Index Annuities

Index annuities are a good alternative to index funds (mutual funds that invest directly in stock market indices). Index annuities tract specific indexes, and you will gain a rate of return set at a percentage of the increase in the index. The good news about these best annuities is that there is still a guarantee against loss, but the surrender period is usually significantly longer; some can go up to ten years.

Index annuities thus limit your upside, but protect you from any possible downside. Thus, index annuities are a good choice for investors who are highly conservative, and would like almost zero risk.

Split Annuities

Split annuities are tax-efficient annuities that offer both regular income and growth. Your money will thus be split into two accounts, one to provide you fixed monthly payments, the other for you to grow your investment.

However, split annuities are not perfect: the problem with split annuities is that the money you have already been taxed on will gradually be converted into money on which you will be taxed again when you withdraw them later.

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