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Start eBay Business. eBay income possibilities. How to profit from eBay by starting an eBay business.

Source for Used Items

For beginners, here are some of the best sources of items to get you started:

Your home – You might not believe it, but if you actually start digging around your house for everything that you no longer use, you can accumulate several hundred dollars’ worth of merchandize. Always start your eBay experience by selling these items first, as the downside or cost to you will be almost zero; you can afford to make as many mistakes as necessary as you gradually step up the eBay learning curve.

Garage or yard sales – Read the classified ads and look out for the next garage sale. Be sure to start early (so you get the best selection), and start with the affluent neighborhoods first (so the items you buy have a higher chance of being resellable.

Moving Sales – Moving sales are even better than garage or yard sales, as people who are about to move are usually very motivated to get rid of whatever they do not want as soon as possible. You can easily find real bargains here.

Estate sales – Estate sales can also be an excellent source of bargains. Some estate sales offer up to 50 percent discounts on the last day of sale, so do keep looking.

Here are even more alternatives to consider: charity fundraisers, flea markets, private auctions, government auctions, thrift stores.

Source for New Items

Buy at the end of the season – even the major department stores carry steep discounts on selected merchandize in the days after Memorial Day and after Christmas. Sourcing for new items this way can be an excellent way to find bargains.

Wholesalers – More on how to find low cost Wholesalers for eBay Sellers.

Where to List on eBay

Start eBay business by learning how to list: You should list in the subcategories that are active (>4000 listings) and have listings that closed for the highest prices. Here’s a step-by-step process to help you determine where to list on eBay:

  1. Study eBay’s list of categories and subcategories and identify all those that may be relevant to your product.
  2. Then, click on the subcategories with the most action. That is, the more items listed, the more active the subcategory is likely to be. This maximizes the exposure to your listing.
  3. Search completed auctions for items similar to what you are selling by using different keywords, and notice where other sellers are listing their items. Take note of the subcategories with listings that ended with the highest prices.

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