Benefits of Visualization

Benefits of Visualization. You have probably heard about how powerful visualization is. Visualization technique, visualization exercise, how to use visualization.

Visualization Technique

We are directed by our subconscious mind. Every conscious decision has first been influenced by the subconscious. Therefore, by changing the way our subconscious mind thinks, we can change our current reality. Just one example of powerful this technique can be: Resume Helper.

How to use Visualization

The key to visualizing successfully is to focus on what you want as if it has already been achieved. Instead of thinking ‘I will be a millionaire’, think ‘I am a millionaire’. Think about what you would be, do and have when you are a millionaire. Add in as many details as possible – these culminate in your vision.

Evoke as many senses as possible and experience this powerful feeling on all levels of your being. Experience the glorious feelings of joy, peace and accomplishment when you accomplish this goal. The more vivid the image, the faster what you desire will come to you – at astonishing intensity. That’s why Jack Canfield and John Assaraf so highly recommend vision boards.

Visualization Exercise

Instead of vision boards, you could also use a notebook. Record down all the wonderful feelings and describe yourself already having achieved that goal, right now.

Jonathan Jacobs, Healer

Here is the method used by Jonathan Jacobs when he helps his clients manifest their desires:

1. First focus on your desire

Ask yourself the question, ‘What do you want?’ Visualize your ideal outcome exactly as you desire it to be, and set your intention.

2. Next, identify what is in the way

Next ask yourself the question, ‘What is in the way of what you desire?’. Identify the limiting beliefs, the mental roadblocks that are in your way. Clear all the self-imposed mental blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want.

3. Focus on your desire with feeling and passion

Now that you have cleared the roadblocks on your path to success, focus intently on what you desire, this time with even greater energy and passion.

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