Causes of Dry Hair

Causes of dry hair. Brittle breaking of dry hair causes. Do not make the same hair mistakes!

Causes of Dry Hair

Dry hair is a condition that occurs with age. Common dry hair causes include the following:

Dry Hair Causes: Excessive use of hairdryers

Owing partly to the need for convenience, many people use hairdryers to blow their hair dry quickly. However, to prevent damaging your hair, make sure you hold the hairdryer at least five inches away from your hair and avoid using maximum heat.

Dry Hair Causes: Low humidity and dry climates

Those living in areas of low humidity, with dry and hot environments, are more likely to have dry hair problems. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight; wear a hat if you would be outdoors often.

Dry Hair Causes: Exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and bleach

This applies to swimmers especially. The chlorine and bleach found in swimming pools are harmful to your hair, so make sure you wear a swim cap if you swim regularly.

Those who spend a lot of time out at sea are constantly exposed to all of the above factors, so keeping your head covered should be a priority. As you might have noticed, many sailors become bald!

Dry Hair Causes: Malnutrition

Your hair needs protein and omega-3 fatty acids to grow healthily. Always include a healthy portion of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, as they benefit your body in many ways. More on Omega 3 Benefits and Omega 3 Foods.

Dry hair would appear dull and stiff, and unless trimmed regularly, will break and have split ends. As for natural remedies for dry hair: Olive Oil for Dry Hair.

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