Advantages of Time Management

Advantages of Time Management. What are the benefits of time management?

Time and Money are often seen as the two most precious commodities in life. In fact, I would venture to say that time is the most precious, for it is truly in limited supply. Money is abundant and can multiply over time, but the same does not go for time. We all have limited time in our lives, and it is up to us to decide how well we want to make use of our time.

Benefits of time management are enormous

The benefits of time management are enormous – every single aspect of your life will improve with better time management:

Advantages of Time Management

With better time management, you will improve your productivity and performance. Imagine having three extra hours each day as a result of better time management. How much more would you be able to do with those three hours?

Advantage of Time Management 1: Income

As you become more productive, your income will increase. You will earn more as your boss notices your improved performance, and you will make more money in your business now that you have even more quality time to devote to your business.

Advantage of Time Management 2: Control

Most importantly, time management gives you control over your life. You will feel more powerful and in control of every aspect of your life as your locus of control shifts inwards. Someone who manages time poorly has an external locus of control. He feels that his life is determined by external circumstances and thus blames his woes on everyone around him. On the other hand, the highly successful people all see themselves as the master of their lives (with life as their masterpiece!) – it all begins with good time management.

Advantage of Time Management 3: Happiness and Fulfillment

With good time management, you will also have more time for yourself, and for your family. Your sense of happiness and fulfillment will increase, and you will lead a much more well-rounded life. Indeed, time management has many many benefits!

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