Profit from Google Adwords

Profit from Google Adwords. Make Money with Google Adwords. It is easier than you think.

Make money with Google Adwords: Split Testing

Split testing is the single most powerful trick the most successful webmasters use. This is the best way to maintain the lowest bid prices and have high clickthrough rates. Always run two ads at the same time.

After a few days, check your clickthrough rates and delete the inferior ad. Then, create another ad to beat the better one. Keep doing this until you feel that you cannot improve on your best ad any more.

Make Money with Adwords: Why a High CTR is your friend

Here’s why a high CTR will allow drive long-term profits to your website. If your ads have a high clickthrough rate, your relative position improves. This is because Google’s algorithm for determining the top position ad does not just factor in your bid price. It factors in both your bid price and your clickthrough rate.

So keep up the split testing, and always keep your ads straightforward, relevant and real – your Adwords campaigns will show impressive results quickly. Profit from Google Adwords!

Make Money with Google Adwords: Determine your Unique Selling Proposition

This is the single most important marketing message you need to put across in your ad. The secret to the success of your ad campaign – and the success of your website – is to provide something nobody else does. Offer something unique, know something nobody else knows, or simply package something together in a way so convenient and appealing that you will definitely beat your competitors.

Make Money with Adwords: Remove the Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are keywords that are irrelevant to the advertising message you want to put across. Do a keyword search and notice the related keywords that you should take out. For example, if you do not want people looking for freebies, put a negative sign next to the word ‘free’. Then, your ad will not be shown in any searches with the word ‘free.

The more negative keywords you include, the fewer unwanted impressions you will have, and therefore the higher your clickthrough rate will be. And the higher the ad clickthrough rates, the higher your profits!

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