What is a SMART goal? S-M-A-R-T is a basic goal setting acronym that everyone should remember when setting goals. Make it a point to make sure that each of your goals are S-M-A-R-T.

Specific Goal

What are specific goals? Specific goals detail exactly what you want to achieve. ‘I want to make $10000 a month’ is more specific than ‘I want to save the world’.

Measurable Goal

What are measurable goals? Measurable goals allow you to track your progress along the way. That is an important way to motivate you: if you want to make a thousand a month, and you have already made seven hundred, then you only have to tell yourself that you have three hundred more to go.

Attainable Goal

What are attainable goals? Having an attainable goal means making sure that it is within your reach. This doesn’t mean that you must be able to achieve the goal now. It means that if you are willing to stretch yourself a little, then you would be able to achieve those goals.

Realistic Goal

What are realistic goals? Realistic goals are similar to attainable goals, with one important distinction: a realistic goal also considers your current circumstances and the deadline you have set for yourself. Trying to make an immediate leap from making a thousand a month to making a million a month within one month might not be too realistic.

That said, you should not hesitate to think big. Have a defining goal in mind (the ultimate goal you want to achieve), but also set a series of smaller goals. As you achieve each of your smaller goals, you will feel motivated to work harder and faster to achieve your big goal.

Time-Specific Goal

Set yourself a clear deadline for each goal. That will give you something to work towards every day. As the deadline draws nearer, you should not see it as a form of stress; but you should instead see it as a motivating factor.

SMART goal setting is a powerful way to structure your thinking when you set goals. Always remember to check your goals against the five criteria!

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