Meaning of the Color Yellow

Meaning of the Color Yellow. What does yellow mean – what does a yellow rose mean? How about a yellow advertisement?

Meaning of Color Yellow

Yellow is vibrant and friendly. The color of sunshine, yellow represents happiness, joy, good humor, intellect and energy. Yellow evokes feelings of warmth and cheerfulness. However, yellow should not be overused, as vast expanses of bright yellow creates a disturbing mental effect.

Yellow attracts attention very effectively. Yellow is especially good for attracting customer attention when mixed with black. Note how toxic signs and other warning signs tend to use yellow and black. Conversely, it works poorly on white and tends to disappear into white. Yellow needs to be contrasted with a dark color.

In marketing, yellow stands for ‘low priced’; as you might have noticed, this color is used by Subway, McDonald’s, Cheerios. Yellow is usually seen as light-hearted, unstable, and a little childish. While this color works well for promoting children’s products, yellow is unsuitable for promoting high-end items targeted at the upper echelons of society. Few people will buy a yellow purse or briefcase.

Orange Color Meaning

Orange evokes a sense of warmth, fire, sun, light and autumn, and carry the accompanying psychological effects of eagerness, stimulation and youth. However, orange tends not to be taken seriously and have little status.

Orange is popular among young people, as it provides an invigorating effect which combines the cheerfulness of yellow and the vigor of red.

Meaning of Color Brown

Associated with the earth, brown represents ownership and the desire for security. It is masculine and conveys a sense of class and professionalism; brown can be used to sell anything to men.

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