How to Choose Jackets

How to choose Jackets. Best men’s jackets and ladies’ jackets. How to choose a jacket that suits you best.

Denim Jackets

For jackets, get a denim jacket. Avoid the new ‘fashions’. Instead, choose classic designs such as a ‘Levi’s jacket. Get denim jackets that button snugly. Just make sure that you match denim jackets with jeans that are of a slightly different color – then it will look great.


A peacoat looks great with many other pieces of clothing, be it a pair of jeans or a suit. Depending on what you match them with, you can create both formal and casual looks easily. Again, go for the classic design if you plan to get just one peacoat. The classic design? Navy blue, with wool. For a dressier look, try leather or nylon.


Good windbreakers should be made of lightweight luxury nylon or coated cotton twill. Good colors? I would go for navy or black.

Nylon sports jacket

Get those with luxury nylon. This type of jacket gives a nice, stylish design. Suggestion from fashion expert Carson Kressley: “Wearing fabrics that invite touch, like cashmere, suede, and leather, is better than buying girls a drink. Touchable fabrics make people want to come up and cuddle you, provided you don’t have a great big cold core on your lip.”


How to choose jackets? Get a quality trenchcoat with a sophisticated look, and a dark design. Or as Kressley says, “Get one with a lining that snaps in and out; that way you can wear it on colder winter days or in spring and fall.”

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