What Causes Dandruff

What causes dandruff? Causes of Dandruff and how to prevent dandruff outbreaks on your hair.

Dandruff and dandruff-like conditions can be caused by a variety of factors: over and under frequent shampooing, dry and cold weather, malnutrition, hormonal imbalances, genetic influences, oily hair, fungal growth.

Some people are genetically predisposed to dandruff, making it a difficult condition to cure entirely. Nonetheless, it can be controlled with the right hair products (How to Cure Dandruff).

Causes of Dandruff: Stress

Stress of any kind can also aggravate existing dandruff conditions and cause even more scaling and flaking.

Causes of Dandruff: Blow-drying

Do you blow dry your hair frequently? This can dry out your scalp and again lead to flaking. Your scalp needs to be well moisturized without being oily. Note the difference!

Causes of Dandruff: Choice of shampoo

In your scalp is highly sensitive, some types of shampoo can also cause flaking. Look out for the label that indicates ‘for sensitive hair’ when you purchase your next shampoo. Make sure you massage your scalp thoroughly.

Causes of Dandruff: Choice of styling product

Some styling products (gels in particular) might create flakes that resemble dandruff if not washed thoroughly or if left on the hair for a long period of time. Try not to leave styling products on your hair overnight.

Fungal Growth

Research also shows that dandruff results from the growth of Malassezia fungi (a yeast organism) in the hair follicles. The sebum produced by the sebaceous gland creates conditions conducive to fungal growth. Dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and seborrhea treatments thus focus on how to create scalp conditions that discourage the growth of the Malassezia fungi.

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