Goal Setting Steps

Goal setting steps. Effective goal setting begins with you knowing exactly what the steps are. Fortunately, there are only four steps to goal setting that you need to adhere to. So long as you follow these action steps fully, you will achieve your goals with absolute certainty.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Four Steps to Achieving ANY Goal

1. Ask: Positively affirm your goal as already accomplished

Visualize your goal. Envision it as a present reality, and see in your mind the person you will become when that goal has been achieved. Add in as many details as possible, and engage as many of your five senses as possible. Articulate your goal in a positive manner, as if it has already been accomplished. For example, “I am a brilliant and savvy businessman.”

2. Believe: Step out in faith

Belief that you can and will achieve whatever you set your mind upon. You must believe in your ability to achieve your goal. Even if your goal seems out of reach at present, keep visualizing your success in your mind’s eye. Eliminate negative self-talk – absolutely do not say ‘I can’t do this’; instead say ‘I can!’

3. Accept complete responsibility for whatever happens

Things might not turn out exactly as you wanted them to. Accept this as part of the journey – there are many roads to the same destination; your new path might even be a shortcut!

Do not make any excuses or blame any circumstance or anyone else if you fail to achieve your goals. Do not explain away your failure. Instead accept total responsibility, and work towards removing the problems and obstacles you encounter one by one, until you succeed.

When you adopt this attitude, something magical will happen. Out of nowhere, the right people and circumstances will emerge. You will see opportunities where there never seemed to be any. The universe will magically draw to you everything you need. You will achieve your goals with absolute certainty.

4. Do something daily

Every single day, without exception, you must do one specific action step that moves you one step closer toward achieving your goal. This keeps you motivated and focused, and energizes and empowers you.

Of all the goal setting steps, the fourth is the most difficult and is where most people fail. You must make it a habit to do something daily that moves you closer toward your goal, with NO exception!

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