Things to Sell on eBay

Things to sell on eBay. What sells on eBay regardless of time and season?

What sells on eBay

One way is to get the data from eBay directly. But there are other powerful alternatives: Bid4Assets and Andale – two powerful sources of auction data and trends.

What sells on eBay: Data from Andale

Andale is another excellent source of ideas for things to sell on eBay. Andale mines the data from eBay and provides a variety of tools for eBay sellers. Through its Price Finder tool, you would be able to find very helpful information on specific items: the average selling price on eBay, the range of prices paid, the sell-through rates of each product. This is incredibly helpful and accurate information that is also highly up-to-date.

Another powerful tool is the ‘What’s Hot’ tool, a powerful tool which rates demand levels for all the eBay categories and specific items. You will find helpful summarized data such as the average sale price, percentage of successful auctions and the average bids per listing.

Both the Price Finder tool and the What’s Hot tool are available for $3.95 per month each for unlimited use of the tools. These tools would make sense for you once you have cleared all the junk in your house and have decided to actually start a eBay business.

What to sell on eBay: Sell-through data

Bid4Assets sends weekly sell-through reports that provides data on the items put up for auction on Bid4Assets. Note that Bid4Assets is the auction site of choice for government and private industry, so trends spotted here may not mirror that on eBay exactly, but they will be more than enough to tell you what to focus on.

Sell-through rates refer to the average percentage of auctioned items (by category) that were actually sold eventually. For example, if you see that coins and stamps had a sell-through rate of only 43 percent while sports memorabilia had a sell-through rate of 100 percent, you know that the latter is relatively hot in demand that week.

This weekly newsletter from Bid4Assets is available for free.

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