Bad Hair Day Tips

Bad Hair Day Tips. We have all experienced it before. Perfectly good looking hair one day, absolutely disarrayed hair the next. What causes bad hair days, and can we avoid them altogether?

Your hair seems to play totally random tricks on you, but there are actually some hidden factors that secretly seem to cause poor hair days. The way the hair roots slant determines the shape and lift of your hair, and these are the main relevant factors:

Degree of Wetness

Your hair responds to your styling attempts differently depending on how wet it is. Generally, style your hair when it is wet. It will be at its most responsive then.

Your hair will seem to style differently on one day if you use the hair dryer too early or apply too little water – these are the slight factors that are difficult to control.

Way you sleep on your hair

The way you sleep on your hair is a factor that you have greater control over. Avoid applying too much pressure on your head as you lie down; instead shift your weight downwards and rest your head lightly when you sleep.

Bad hair experiences tend to result from an exhausting night the day before, primarily because our sleep posture shifts, with our weight unevenly distributed throughout the body.

Hormones and Emotions

Sometimes, it is not really your hair playing tricks on you; it is your hormones and emotions affecting the way you style and more importantly the way you see your hair.

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