Bicep Peaks

Bicep Peaks. Which is the best bicep exercise and best bicep workout to help you build bulging biceps? Bicep workouts that work.

Best Bicep Workout

Best Bicep Exercise: Stand Against a Wall

To ensure that you use only your biceps, stand against a wall when during your bicep curls. This prevents you from arching your back; you would be much less likely to use your lower back to help you inch the dumbbell upwards.

By forcing your biceps to work, you activate more of the bicep muscle fibers and fatigue the muscles quickly. That is key to building the bulging bicep peak you want.

Best Bicep Exercise: Use a preacher curl bench

This allows you to isolate your bicep muscles entirely. Sit down and lay your hand forward, with the top of the bench armrest against the middle of your armpits. Your inner elbows should square upwards. Try to raise your forearm to your shoulders – just be careful not to hit your face!

Best Bicep Exercise: Sit on a bench

For those who tend to arch their back, try sitting at the edge of a bench. This gives you more support. Look in the mirror and make sure that your lower and middle backs are entirely straight. Lift the dumbbells up, all the while making sure that you keep your back straight.

Bicep Workouts

Instead of using dumbbells, you can also use any of the following: a barbell, a one-hand low-cable pulley, a two-hand low-cable pulley, resistance bands. Use these variations to add flavor to your training regimen. We all need that little bit of fun to keep us motivated when it gets tough. Building biceps can be both tough and fun.

Similarly, as Gunnar suggests, experiment with different grips: the wide grip, close grip, reverse grip, reverse wide grip, reverse close grip, or even with your palms facing each other.

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