How to Bar Lace Shoes

How to bar lace shoes. Learn how to lace shoes and how to tie shoes with class and style.

How to Lace Shoes

A gentlemen knows that his laces should be neatly parallel. The bar lace is popularly used to tie dress shoes, and is a well-established fashion convention in Europe. There are different methods to achieve the straight lace or the bar lace. Each method has different functional benefits: some are easier to tighten or loosen, some bind more tightly, some are more comfortable, some use more lace, some prevent slippage better.

Here is the most practical method:

  1. Start from the bottom hole. Put one lace through the hole two holes ahead of it, and the other up one hole first, then skip two.
  2. On the left side, your lace should skip one hole, and skip two on the last three holes.
  3. On the right side, your lace should skip two holes, and skip one on the last few holes.
  4. When you tie your laces together, you end would be the top end, the other end would go through the second highest hole.

With practice, you will be able to tie the bar lace without much trouble.

How to Tie Your Shoes

How to tie shoes with style? As Russell Smith suggests, there are three main methods to achieve the bar lace or straight lace:

How to bar lace shoes? First, the system Smith calls the Underweb, provides the most flexible tightening ability, but does rely on some messy underpinning. We want to cut down on all the visible strings under your neat row of parallel lines.

The second, which Smith baptizes the Secret Web, has fewer visible underpinnings, but is difficult to tighten.

The third, called the ballroom, is the most sleek and elegant of all, but it is hugely impractical when it comes to tightening your shoe. “Furthermore, it is only practicable on shoes with a certain number of eyelets. Try it will a five-eyelet shoe, and you will be backed into a deadly end-game with no option but to have two ends emerging from the same hole. However, it works with four eyelets.”

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