Dealing with Setbacks

Dealing with setbacks. Dealing with obstacles to change. Why do most entrepreneurs who fail never seem to climb back up?

Dealing with Obstacles to Change

Let’s review the four essential steps to manifesting any desire or goal:

  1. Create your goal based on what you desire
  2. Identify and marshal all the resources you need to achieve this goal
  3. Take Action
  4. Persevere and experiment until you succeed

Most entrepreneurs make it up to step three. They desire a change in their lives. They have a business idea and they go to some length to implement it; they will start off extremely excited, bursting with energy. But every successful business must encounter some obstacles along the way.

Dealing with Setbacks

It is at step four when most falter and decide, ‘This stuff doesn’t work!’ The point you must understand is that your desire will be tested; you will encounter obstacles along the way. No one achieved success without encountering any setback or failure. The most successful people in the world have probably also failed more than most people in the world.

Positive Mental Attitude

As Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone noted in Success with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), “In every adversity is the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”. Train yourself to see only opportunities in every problem that you face. Make your path to success an exciting adventure. Each time you encounter a problem, identify it and thank the universe for creating a new stepping stone for you. Believe that all setbacks are temporary. Know that once you overcome that problem, you will be yet another step closer to your success.

Do not make the process a chore; make it fun and exciting by constantly reminding yourself of how your life will be and feel when you eventually achieve your goals.

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