Mens Undershirts

Mens Undershirts. How to choose the best undershirts for men for your needs.

Importance of Undershirts

Undershirts are essential if you plan to make your high quality dress suit last. Wearing a T shirt underneath your dress shirt helps absorb your sweat and body oils; this helps prevent ugly stains on your shirt and allows you to launder your dress shirt only once in a while.

Another side benefit of wearing an undershirt is that it helps you mask your nervousness at important interviews. You don’t want your interviewers to see your back soaked with nervous drops of sweat.

How to choose Undershirts

100 percent cotton

100 percent cotton is essential so you will feel comfortable wearing the undershirt all day.


What is heft? A good way to check for the heft of a cotton shirt is to put your hand underneath the shirt. With quality cotton shirts, you should not be able to see your hand.

Styles of undershirts

Wife Beater Undershirts

There are several types of undershirts you could choose from: the singlet (wife beater undershirts!), the V neck or the crewneck. Wife beater undershirts are usually a bad idea; time to upgrade to the dress style of a billionaire – without necessarily spending more!

V Neck Undershirts

Generally, V neck cotton undershirts work best with open-collar dress shirts, as it always looks better not to cover that upper chest area just below your neck. V-neck tees offer the most comfort and do not make you feel stuffy inside.

Crewneck Undershirts

Crewneck undershirts can be worn under a sport shirt or a sweater. They should strictly be white, as any other color simply looks dirty.

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