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George Lucas Family. All about George Lucas’ parents, wives, children, domestic partners and more.

Raised in a Methodist family, George Lucas incorporated multiple religious themes into Star Wars. But The Force was later influenced more by Eastern religions, and prompted George to align himself as a Buddhist Methodist.

George Lucas Wife

George Lucas’ first wife was Academy Award-winning film editor Marcia Lou Griffin, who won the award for her editing of the original Star Wars film. George Lucas and Marcia Lou Griffin adopted Amanda in 1981. However, they divorced in 1984.

George adopted two more children, Katie and Jett. All his children and himself have starred in the three Star War prequels.

George had also been in a relationship with Linda Ronstadt, a singer, and was engaged to her at one point. Recently, he has been dating Mellody Hobson, who now serves at Ariel Investments as the President.

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