Benefits of Turkey

Benefits of Turkey. Turkey Health Benefits, Turkey Nutrition Facts and why you should make skinless turkey breast a part of your diet.

Turkey Nutrition Facts

Turkeys are an excellent source of protein, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Riboflavin, Niacin.

Turkey is a lean source of meat protein and rich in nutrients that help prevent cancer and heart disease. Nonetheless, as Pratt and Matthews recommend, fresh, roasted white turkey meat offers the best source of all the above nutrients. Remember to ask for fresh roasted turkey meat when purchasing turkey. Try to stay away from turkey breast, as it contains fillers and high levels of fat and sodium; skinless turkey breast is the most healthy option.

Turkey Health Benefits: Low Saturated Fat

Unlike other types of meat, turkey does not have lots of saturated fat. Thus, it is an excellent source of animal protein that does not come with high corresponding amounts of fat. As Pratt and Matthews suggest, while 3 ounces of fresh ham has 5.5 grams of saturated fat, 3 ounces of skinless turkey breast meat has less than 0.2 grams of saturated fat.

A diet high in saturated fat significantly increases the risk of coronary heart disease. This is because saturated fat raises the level of LDL cholesterol in your body. In addition, saturated fat increases your risk of colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Turkey Health Benefits: Rich source of Selenium

Turkey is an important source of selenium, a mineral critical to our body systems. In regulates our antioxidant defense systems, immune systems and thyroid hormones. Selenium helps prevent cancer in many ways. It improves immune system function, inhibits cancer cell growth and helps detoxify carcinogens.

In addition to selenium, turkey also contains Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin B-12, both of which are essential for energy production in the body. To top it off, turkey also contains niacin, a B vitamin which helps ensure healthy DNA in our bodies.

Turkey Health Benefits: Rich source of Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that may occasionally be neglected in some of our diets. This important mineral provides another one of the many benefits of turkey; it helps us maintain a healthy immune system, promotes wound healing and healthy cell division.

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