Visualization Healing

Visualization Healing. How to heal with Visualization Relaxation and Immersive Visualization. What is visualization?

Visualization Relaxation

Visualization is a powerful process that can be used to manifest anything you want: wealth, health, a loving relationship, and much more. It can be used to healing any form of disease, regardless of whether it is curable, incurable or even terminable. Miraculous stories of people triumphing over the grasps of death and disease abound; all of them are related in one way or another to the powers of visualization relaxation and healing visualization.

What is Visualization

What is visualization, and in particular why can it be used for healing? Our human body is a most miraculous conception. New cells continually replace dead cells; the endless cycle of growth and replenishment continues till we reach the end of our lives. It can even be said that our entire body is replenished every 60 days.

Why then do some diseases seem to persist? The crucial point to grasp is that all disease is a state of dis-ease – partly physical, but most importantly, mental. If you change your mental state to one of abundant health and well-being, your disease will simply cease to exist in your body. Disease can only exist where there is stress in the body, when you mentally tell yourself that you are not feeling well physically.

Immersive Visualization

This explains the placebo effect, or the stories of people like Morris Goodman, the ‘Miracle Man’ would used the power of visualization to make himself walk again after a debilitating plane crash.

How does immersive visualization healing work? You have to visualize your body in its perfect state. Visualize yourself living life vitally. Thank yourself for the gift of life. With each breath that you inhale, thank the universe for this miraculous gift that nourishes every cell of your body. Feel your body into feeling good, and constantly maintain this state of inner peace and well-being.

That is why watching comedies work. Simply refuse to think about your state of disease, and instead focus on smiling and laughing your heart out. Disease cannot persist in a body that feels good.

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