Vision Boards

Vision boards are a powerful way to firmly carve what you desire into your subconscious mind. Instead of influencing it merely through thought, you create powerful visual images that flood your mind with thoughts of what you aspire to be, do or have.

Create a Vision Board

Be creative: take a picture of yourself driving that brand new car, cut out pictures of the million-dollar mansion you want to live in, find the most inspiring photos of all the places in the world you want to visit. Find photographs of all the things you want to acquire and paste them on the board. The more vivid the images you create, the more powerful an impression you will make on your subconscious mind.

Write yourself a Cheque

Another powerful idea to attract wealth is to write yourself a cheque. Write your full name, state how much you would like to have, by when. Sign it off with ‘The Bank of the Universe’. Paste the cheque at a prominent place, and look at the cheque everyday. Visualize how money is coming to you from multiple sources of income at every moment.

The Secret Dollar Bill

Jack Canfield, another teacher of The Secret, told an amazing story of how he manifested first a hundred thousand dollars, and then a million dollars. His life was transformed the day he took a one-dollar bill and added five zeros behind the one with a black marker. When he did that, he was only making a few thousand a year. He simply could not see how he would make a hundred thousand dollars then. But he believed in his vision.

He pasted the hundred-thousand dollar bill on the part of the ceiling directly above his bed. Every morning, once he woke up, he would see the hundred-thousand dollars and visualize himself already having it and living the life of his dreams. And in less than a year, he achieved his first goal. Barely a year later, he achieved his second goal – to attract a million dollars. He sold a few million copies of his ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, which have also become New York Times bestsellers.

Vision Board Software

Personally, I would prefer to create a hard copy – it is much more tangible and much more powerful. Nonetheless, software can be helpful, especially if you would like to use videos as a way of creating your vision.

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