Mens Designer Dress Shoes

Mens Designer Dress Shoes. Shoes are the first thing women look at. How to choose designer dress shoes that last, are stylish and look good.

How to choose shoes

Choosing shoes? Wearing the most impressive suit doesn’t help if your shoes stick out like two sore thumbs. While shoes tend to be an acquired taste, when choosing them you should make sure they are stylish and good-looking. Go conservative when you are unsure.

High Quality Leather Shoes

Quality shoes will last a long time; it’s must better to have a few quality shoes than to have a dozen bad ones. Besides, women swoon at the sight of quality designer dress shoes. Here are the tell-tale signs of a high quality leather shoe:

Made of real leather

High quality men’s designer shoes should be made of real leather and have leather soles. Leather shoes can be refurbished several times and almost last forever. That is much more money-efficient than having to replace poor-quality shoes even few months or so.

Stitched soles

High quality leather shoes have soles that are stitched to the bottom of the shoe. This stitching should be neat and barely noticeable. Stay away from the soles that are merely glued to the bottom of the shoe!


The lining in high quality dress shoes is made of high-quality calfskin or natural leather; synthetic materials indicate low quality.


Shoes must be comfortable; they are meant for walking! It would be foolish to wear a shoe just to impress, and then have blisters all over your feet when you get home.

What to go with a Suit and Tie

On the more formal social occasions, black lace-up oxfords only. Even brogues may be considered too casual mens designer dress shoes. However, times are changing. These heavy walking shoes decorated with strips of hole-punched leather are now increasingly accepted as just as serious as the classic Oxford shoes.

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