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Which are the most authentic luxury perfumes in the world?


Authentic Perfumes: Chanel 5 Perfume

You have probably heard of ‘Chanel No. 5’, easily one of the world’s most famous luxury perfumes. Developed in the 1920s by Ernest Beaux, the simple bottle has been photographed more than any other in the perfume business. In addition to the Chanel No. 5, the No. 19 and the Cristalle are also world renown.

Authentic Perfumes: Vera Wang of New York

Launched at Harrod’s in 2002, the Vera Wang fragrance for women combines calla lilies, gardenias, musk and Bulgarian roses. The New York fragrance for men offers a refreshing woody scent, and is a good alternative to the other perfumes out there.

Authentic Perfumes: Annick Goutal of France

Annick Goutal of France is the favorite among celebrities, men and women alike. In case you didn’t know, Steven Spielberg and Madonna both use perfumes from this perfumer; the former, Eau d’Hadrien, the latter, Gardenia Passion. With handcrafted bottles and excellent packaging, there is no close second to Annick Goutal. While you are at it, try Eau de Camille, an “intoxicating blend of honeysuckle, privet and freshly mowed grass” in the words of Lande.

Luxury Perfumes: Floris of Great Britain

This perfumer from the United Kingdom has been in business since 1730. This multi-generation family business is one of the most successful family businesses in the UK. One of the classics, Special 127, was Eva Peron’s favorite. It was originally created for a duke of Russia. Other excellent perfumes include Zinnia and Rose Mouthwash.

Luxury Perfumes: Acqua di Parma of Italy

Founded in 1916, this Mediterranean perfumer adds a welcome variety to our array of beautiful perfumes here. Its Old World scents are highly popular. In particular, the woman’s scent Profumo is a potent mix of more than 300 ingredients such as the Florentine iris and the ylang ylang.

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