Contact Phone Number for eBay

Contact phone number for eBay. List of the eBay customer service home number in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Have a problem of buyer or seller fraud? Account suspended? Contacting eBay by phone is the fastest phone to get in touch with someone.

eBay Phone Number

In order to contact eBay by phone in the US, use the following 800 numbers: 1-800-322-9266 or 1-888-749-3229.

In order to contact eBay by phone in the United Kingdom, use this number: 02086 053 000.

Before you call, do note the following: unfortunately, the truth is that in most instances, the call centre will still request that you file a formal email complaint, which then takes at least a week to process. Nonetheless, calling after you have already filed a complaint will help to expedite the process of getting your case reviewed.

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