Build Bigger Muscle

Build Bigger Muscle. How to build muscles that bulge. Muscle building secrets on how to get big muscles.

How to Build Muscles

To build bulging muscles, you need to understand resistance training well. Resistance training is also known as anaerobic exercise, strength training or weight training.

How Resistance Training Works

How does resistance training work? With the help of either free weights or a weight machine, you work a muscle or an entire muscle group one at a time against a form of resistance. This fatigues your muscles and causes them to break down. Your muscles will then rebuild themselves so they will become bigger and stronger the next time.

Muscle Building Secrets: Cardiovascular Activity first

Most people who are over-eager to build muscles fast jump straight into resistance training, only to injure their muscles. Always start your workout with at least five minutes of cardiovascular exercise. This warms up your muscles, making them more pliable and therefore less likely to get injured. Your muscles will also move more freely and flexibly, allowing you to activate more muscle fibers with each workout.

Muscle Building Secrets: Less Reps, Heavier Weights

If you are looking to build big muscles, emphasize fewer repetitions in each set. Instead go for heavier weights that causes you to tire out within at most ten repetitions. Nonetheless, if you plan to improve your endurance, go for lighter weights and work up to twenty repetitions.

Muscle Building Secrets: Reach Muscle Failure by the end of each set

For each set of repetitions that you do (six to ten is ideal for most muscle building exercises), make sure you almost reach muscle failure by the end of the set. That means that your muscle are tired to the extent that you cannot possibly squeeze out one or two more repetitions; your last repetition should be your last physically possible one.

Muscle Building Secrets: Work One Muscle Group at a time

Isolate each muscle group that you want to work on, and focus on exercises that help build those muscles. Gunnar Peterson calls his muscle isolating exercises the Lucky Thirteen, the force behind his ‘G-force’. Here is a quick list of my personal favorite exercises to build bigger muscle:

  • Biceps – The Curl works the best. Build bigger biceps quickly with this.
  • Triceps – Go for the pressdown or the extension
  • Shoulders – Shoulder press, the raise
  • Chest – Chest press, chest fly, more on how to build chest muscle fast
  • Abs – You probably know of the crunch already. Try the reverse crunch as well to pack in some variety
  • Back – The row works your back really well.
  • Legs – The squat, the lunge, the leg extension and the leg curl; some variety makes it more interesting.

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