Save Money on Car

Save money on car. How do you save on car repairs? Here are a few quick tips that can significantly reduce your car maintenance costs:

Save on Car: Pay attention to the temperature, pressure and voltage gauges

Be especially wary of overheating, as that can easily destroy the engine and the transmission mechanisms – two of the most expensive parts of a car. Get a tow once you see any sign of overheating; otherwise, you might easily do long-term damage to the engines.

Save on Car: Check your tires – do not over- or under-inflate them

With a cheap tire gauge (retail of about $4), you can easily check the inflation levels of your tires. Be careful not to overinflate or underinflate them, as doing so will wear out the tire more quickly and jeopardize your safety.

Save on Car: Change your oil every 3500 miles

Though industry recommendations stand at around every 5000 miles, more frequent oil changes will help you keep your engine cleaner and running at more optimal conditions. Name brands such as Valvoline are also usually more reliable.

Save Money Car: Wax at least once a year

While most people wash their cars fairly regularly, they usually forget about waxing it at least once a year. Yearly waxing protects the car against rusting, and helps preserve the car’s resale value significantly.

Save Money Car: Check the oil and transmission fluid levels

Oil levels should generally be checked every 1000 miles, while transmission fluid levels should be checked every six months. However, make it a habit to check more frequently if your car is more than two years old, as taking just a minute to check each will help you minimize repairs significantly.

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