How to set Goals

How to set goals? While entire books have been written on goal setting, the advice on these pages will focus on the most important principles. If you were to actually put just a few of them into action, you would produce radical changes in your life.

Tips on setting goals 1: Think Big

Your current reality is limited only by the size of your thinking. Big dreams excite you and give you tremendous energy and power; small dreams will only bore you and leave you far from motivated.

Ask yourself the question, “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” The answers can surprise you, but have faith in the power of your mind. Barely a century ago, no one would have thought of being able to fly, or even one day walk on the moon. Every great achievement of Mankind started with a seemingly impossible dream. This dream was then converted into a goal to be achieved with much determination and persistence.

Tips on setting goals 2: Have a defining goal

Express your vision in a sentence, and let this be your defining goal. A defining goal is the most important of all your goals. If achieved, it will also allow you to accomplish many of your other goals. Let this vision be the powerful motivator that drives you through every day.

How to set Goals

Tips on setting goals 3: Think in terms of what you will be, do and have – in that order.

Many people think in the opposite direction. That is a more difficult way to achieve success, as you would be motivated extrinsically instead of intrinsically. What you want to be – who you see yourself as – is almost always a more powerful driving force than the more shallow material desires.

Tips on setting goals 4: Review your goals regularly

A technique Brian Tracy suggests, and which I fully recommend, is to rewrite your goals daily. Get a notebook in which you can write and rewrite your goals daily. Once you wake up in the morning, spend five minutes to rewrite your goals. This short power-up session activates both your subconscious and superconscious minds and leaves you much more sensitive to the opportunities around you.

Tips on setting goals 5: Practice the Standard Affirmation Technique

This technique works like this: with a stack of three by five inch index cards, write your goals on each card. Throughout the day, whenever you have free time, review your index cards one at a time.

As you read your written goal, concentrate on the words on the card as if you were trying to take a photo of these words with your eyes. Think about a few things you could do to achieve that goal, then move on to the next card.

How to set goals that powerfully motivate you? If you are able to persist in the above two techniques, your subconscious mind will gradually believe that your attainment of those goals is inevitable. You will begin to see those goals as your current realities, and they will indeed soon become your present reality.

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