Save Money on Utility Bills

Save money on utility bills. This is a common fixed expense everyone shares. Yet, many households are paying up to 30% extra by not making use of these easy-to-implement money saving strategies.

Comparison Shopping

Always run a detailed comparison of the different suppliers available. There are comparison companies (and several helpful websites) that will do the comparison for you – you just have to feed in your details; the company might even estimate your energy usage for you!

Even a small per kilowatt-hour difference can add up quickly, so do ensure you get the cheapest deals available. If you do switch, they is very little hassle: all you have to do is sign a few forms; the pipes and circuitry remain the same.

As tariffs change over time, it is also wise to do comparison shopping once a year.

Direct Debit

Choose to use direct debit – you can save up to 10 percent of your utility bills this way. Every month, a fixed amount will be deducted from your bank account. Utilities providers are more than willing to offer you better rates if you elect to use direct debit, as they can be sure you will make your payments on time. On your side, you also save the hassle of having to send in bill payments every month.

Dual fuel might not be cheaper

While dual fuel has always been marketed as the cheaper option, note that it is certainly not always so. Depending on the area you live in, obtaining gas and electricity from separate providers can lead to significant savings. Do research this as well when you do your comparison shopping.

Look out for cashbacks

Some comparison companies offer cashbacks if you switch utilities providers through them. This can be a quick way for you to save some money.

Save money on Utility bills

Water meter or not?

There are two methods by which water usage is calculated. It can be measured by the ‘rateable value’ of your home, which basically refers to the value of your home. The higher the perceived value of your home, the higher you water charges.

Usually, it is cheaper to use a water meter to calculate water usage. If you are not sure, try both and see which is cheaper. There is no cost to installing meters, so it is always worth an experiment.

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