Most Fashionable Shoes

Most Fashionable Shoes for Men. Top 7 Men Fashion Shoes of all time. You cannot go wrong wearing these shoes.

Men Fashion Shoe: Brown Wing Tip

Also known as a brogue, this is a classic fashionable shoe. It is highly versatile and looks good with many different outfits, jeans and all.

Men Fashion Shoe: Black Oxford Lace-up

Also known as the blucher, Oxford lace-up shoes have been around for the entire century. The classic lace-up dress shoe, this is the ideal complement to all of your dark suits. Wear them with black suits for the best style. Black Oxfords with jeans are fine, so look as the shoes do not overpower the jeans (make sure the design is not too fanciful)

Men Fashion Shoe: Loafer

Stylish brown loafers go well with many different outfits, be it a sport coat or a pair of jeans. These shoes originated from Italy and are more often than not markers of good fashion. Nonetheless, check the vamp – how far the shoe comes up the top of your foot. Loafers with a low vamp tend to show too much of your sock, and look bad.

Fashionable Shoe: Chelsea Boot

Why are they called Chelsea? Because everyone in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood (where almost everyone is gay) owns one. Nonetheless, gay people have a good sense of fashion. Chelsea boots look best in black. These compact boots with a side gore are classics that go well with many things.

Fashionable Shoe: Flip-flop

The plain old flip-flop from J.Crew, Old Nav or the Havaiana are good choices. They go well with many things: shorts, jeans, khakis. Some recommendations from Kressley: shorts and a linen shirt, denim and a blue blazer, khakis and a white cotton oxford.

Fashionable Shoe: Cowboy Boots

While you might not count them among the most fashionable shoes, they actually are. This timeless and classic American icon add a new dimension to your personality.

Classic Tennis Shoe

Black, navy or natural cotton Converse Chuck Taylors are timeless; they look great with jeans or a suit.

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